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This website presents On Dutch Wings, its members, product information of our yearly publication of the MASR serial book and an impression of our work and journeys all over the world.

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For some specific background on the On Dutch Wings organisation, please check the “About Us” section on the left side of your screen in the menu area.

Articles and Images
The On Dutch Wings members are travelling all around the world to capture aircraft movements at operational as well as airshow related events. In addition to publishing material in magazines and newspapers like De Telegraaf (more than 1 million subscribers!), we present some of our material online. By doing so, we hope to give a nice impression of our work and journeys all over the world. Enjoy our material!

MASR Serial Book
To check and order the latest MASR Serial Book edition click the "MASR Serial Book" link which will get you to the preview pages for the last edition. The scans are in PDF-format and will give you a good impression of what kind of enclosed data to expect!

MASR Database Online
Select our databases via the menu and check out the up-to-date info about an active aircraft online! This feature will enable you to find actual info on any aircraft you might have seen "in the field". It is also possible to request base lists, type lists and so on... Because our database is very open, a lot of queries can be done. Roughly about 100/150 result records per search are available, in bigger countries 250 or more!

We intend to have very few restrictions in using the database, so this might finally give you the opportunity to easily use and download lots of aircraft related data in one action! Enjoy yhe possibilities, and please report any omissions/errors and updates if available.

The MASR team

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